Infotech also offers a wide range of professional and post go-live maintenance services to install, adapt, implement and support the GEN21system to suit the needs of each individual customer. Our dedicated product support teams include project managers, business analysts, installation engineers, data migration experts and implementation and training consultants who provide world class professional services to support our clients and ensure successful product deployments. Services include,

  •  Gap Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Configuration/Customization
  • Integration Services
  • Installation & Support
  • Data Migration
  • Training & Implementation
  • Support & Maintenance
  • Account Management

Gap Analysis

Gap analysis through detailed reviews at the beginning of the project lifecycle enables developing a detailed mapping of the client’s specific needs vis-a-vis GEN21 functionality and features. A set of system requirements for gaps if any, is prepared based on the analysis prior to implementation.

Project management

Our Project management team possesses experience of single-site, multi-site and complex multi-channel implementations, using a structured methodology based on best-practice principles for time and resource planning, budget control, expectation management and risk containment.


As part of implementation Infotech team configues the GEN21 sytem to suit the Client workflow and requirements using many inbuilt parameters for this purpose. In case the customer has some unique or different needs as per their operation standards, we provide an option to customize GEN21system to support client’s workflow requirements without compromising GEN21 framework and system integrity.

Integration services

Integration to essential support systems is vital to achieving maximum business potential. Our products already have a wide range of ‘pre-built’ interfaces for the most popular broadcast support and financial management systems, with custom interfaces to any new systems easily developed on request.

Installation support

Implementation team offers installation service and technical support for the set-up and maintenance of database and application installations on the clients selected hardware in training, test and live environments.

Data migration

Data migration specialists provide services based on established and proven methodology for managing migration to support data transfer from older or legacy systems.

Training and implementation

Experienced implementation consultants help customers adapt to GEN21quickly through the formal user training with hands-on exposure to the system. We recommend training the key users from each operational department undergoing direct training on a ‘train-the-trainer’ mode.

Support and maintenance

We support implementations at sites and remote, on-line, telephone support after implementation. Our support team offers query clarifications, issues fixing as well as functional and technical upgrades for new releases.

Account management

For continual assistance, clients are supported by our dedicated support teams. Support managers initiate periodic review and planning meetings. These forums allow Infotech to better understand client’s business and growth plans and also keep the users updated on GEN21 new features and versions. This provides for long term relationships as partners in growth.