Key Features

  • Web/ Hosted Solution
  • Manage multiple locations through centralized software
  • Multiple Rule based Clock/Music Scheduling
  • Dashboard: Live tracking of all sites (Running/Down)
  • RO/Sales Management
  • Predefined Rules/Parameters
  • Provide accurate transmission information to clients
  • Interactive/ User friendly interface of playout
  • Supports all popular audio media formats (WAV, WMA, MP3)

GEN21 Radio Media Acquisition

  • Contract management
  • Automatic metadata capturing
  • Runs and Rights Management

GEN21 Song Management

  • Song Ripping with Auto QC Check, Customizable bit rate, and different formats
  • Trim in/Trim Out
  • Audio Normalization
  • Digitize song management
  • Media Copier for mapped stations

GEN21 Radio Clock Scheduling

  • Efficient Clock Creation facility with user defined rules
  • Multi Channel / Region schedules
  • Frame-Accurate time definitions
  • Flexible/User defined break patterns
  • Local/Regional splitting

GEN21 Radio Song Scheduling

  • Music scheduling can be done manual or automatically
  • Music Scheduling can be done with single or multiple rules
  • Auto Sequencing of song as per the defined rules
  • Flexible Add/DEL/Editing of the schedule in Auto/Manual mode
  • Manual/Auto scheduling of Jingles, RJ Links, Station Ids, Promos etc.
  • Life cycle of songs
  • Copy schedule from one station to another station

GEN21 Radio AD Sales

  • Extensive Sales and RO Management
  • Flexible rate card facility
  • Client/product consistency control
  • Version registration with location mapping
  • Spot booking Matrix
  • Simplified makegood option

GEN21 Radio Traffic Log/ Playlist

  • The log is inbuilt with predefined rules/ parameters
  • Flexibility to perform changes in Playlist/Log.
  • The system generates the log for a day integrating the traffic schedule and the music schedule
  • Finalizing the playlist for a day.
  • Flexibility to perform changes in Log
  • Facility to copy one station log to another (location wise)
  • Auto filler to occupy the available duration in playlist
  • Log optimization checks

GEN21 Radio AD Billing

  • Auto/manual import of As Run into GEN21
  • Auto Reconciliation of playlists and highlighting the discrepancies
  • GST Ready invoicing
  •  Invoices with Telecast proof
  • Financial Software Integration ( SAP/ORAFIN/Tally etc. )

Gen21 Playout Software:

  • Auto/Manual import of finalized playlist
  • Insertion of commercial/Promo/Jingle
  • Life cycle of song
  • RJ recording & Playback
  • Hot Keys up to 36
  • Upto 8 channel output
  • Hooks
  • Audio Logger for Single/Multi channels
  • Auto Start/Close of Playout
  • Separate As Run log for primary and secondary outputs