Product Overview:

GEN21 SMS is a comprehensive and enterprise-wide business solution for all type cable TV operators. The software capability is to manage the Subscribers, Contracts, Packages (MSO, Broadcaster), a la carte channels with defined Pricing, Inventory management and Prepaid/Post Paid billing, Email/SMS notifications.

SMS provides integration with Conditional Access System (CAS), and efficient linkage to external financial systems, or other third-party applications.

Gen21 SMS is scalable enough to turn new, existing and convergent media services emerging in Broadband, VOD and OTT space.

Key Features:

  • Web Based SMS Software with Integrated Mobile app and Website for MSO
  • Module wise/ Operation wise User rights Management (MSO/LCO/Subscriber)
  • Unlimited Subscribers, History, Work Orders and Notes
  • Prepaid/ Postpaid subscriber management
  • Robust N-tier application architecture in latest technologies
  • Complaint Redressal
  • High performance, dynamic, robust database architecture
  • History & Audit Trail Facilities
  • Extensive Reporting Engine
  • Maintains complete life cycle of a subscriber
  • Email/SMS Notifications
  • Meet compliance as per telecom regulatory Authority
  • Open to integrate with any Conditional Access System and Financial Systems

Gen21 Subscriber Management System

The software is capable to manage the following operations by the MSOs/ Cable Operators:

Gen21 SMS – Functional Details

1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Request for additional channel / Package.
  • Request and schedule for service visit
  • Request for disconnection and suspension of subscription
  • Request new STB and Card for existing customer
  • Request new channel / Package for existing subscriber
  • Replace existing STB and card
  • Update Subscriber Information

2. Mediation

  • Create and maintain Subscriber Application Form
  • Bulk import subscribers
  • Maintains STB Box and VC serial No. as per subscriber
  • Approve/Un-approve/Blacklist subscriber
  • View current and historical invoices
  • New Channel Creation (Ala Carte)
  • MSO Package creation as per defined pricing of different channels and broadcaster’s packages
  • View different Broadcaster’s Channels/ Packages with detailed pricing

3. Inventory Management

  • Define new supplier / Dealer/ Warehouse details
  • Facility to receive new Goods/ Bulk import of Goods
  • Transfer goods from one warehouse to other
  • Create service plan based on customer request
  • Hardware refurbishment/ IN-OUT and replacement

4. Payment & Billing Module

  • Flexible Billing Cycles Monthly/ Quarterly
  • Generate and maintain invoices for subscriber
  • MSO/LCO level Billing
  • Fingerprint
  • Auto/Manual invoice generation
  • Credit Note/ Debit Note
  • Customized bill format
  • Facility to generate billing based on various services like VOD, broadband etc.

5. MIS

  • Invoice List Report
  • Inventory Report
  • Invoice Receipt Report
  • LCO wise transaction/ Monthly transaction/ LCO Credit
  • Set top box location/Address
  • Active Subscriber Report
  • Package Vs Channel
  • Package Ala-carte Ageing
  • Subscribers without Bouquet
  • List as per bouquet activation
  • All transaction Report
  • Bouquet Insert Report
  • Operator Credit Track
  • Subscriber Bouquet Activation report
  • Brand Vs STB Report

6. Admin Module

Through the admin module, the MSO creates the LCOs and assign the rights to them as per the requirement. The LCO can work as per the assigned module/features. The features are listed below:

  • LCO Group Creation
  • LCO Creation
  • Assigning rights to the created LCO

Gen21 SMS Interfaces

  • Provide seamless two-way integration with Conditional Access System
  • Experience integration with the leading finance systems like Oracle Finance, SAP, QuickBooks etc.
  • Integrated with the mobile application for MSO.

Gen21 SMS is scalable enough to turn new and existing services and convergent media services emerging in Broadband, VOD and OTT space.