A cloud based management system that makes it easy to quickly add new WiFi devices to the portal, and seamlessly integrates into existing networks. GEN21 WIFI Works with existing WiFi network. It is a Cloud-based platform, geographically scalable. It allows customers to connect with social or form based login in exchange for free Wi-Fi access.The landing page on the captive portal provides revenue generation and promotion capability. User database provides further marketing and engagement

GEN21WiFi is the perfect solution for any business looking to offer

  • a secure Internet service to its customers
  • in a user-friendly manner
  • while collecting valuable marketing data
  • for future promotional retargeting campaigns.
  • Sell advertising on captive portal
  • Grow your customer database
    • Mobile number
    • Email ids
  • Instantly increase customer loyalty
  • capture social data for
    • intelligent ad retargeting,
    • Contests

Customer Engagement through

  • Publishing own advertising banners, promoting your location, offers, upcoming events and copartner brand marketing.
  • Engaging customers with vouchers, offers, promotions, social media, videos and more!

Grow Customer Database through

  • New and returning visitors will be automatically added to your email marketing database directly from your wifi.
  • Email and re-market to your visitors and maximize your email marketing and retargeted advertising opportunities.

Analytics and Engagement Platform

  1. Connect – Collect data about your visitors.
  • visitor contact information
  • profile details
  • Behavioral data
  1. Insight – See how your visitors behave.
  • Access reports that show you insights about the people that

visit your venue and what they do while they are there.

  1. Engage – Communicate with visitors.
  • Create visitor segments based on behavior
  • Demographics
  • shopper affinity
  • location, and more
  • reach out via email, SMS, Wi-Fi, Facebook Messenger, and in-apppush notifications.

For Consumer:

  • Free internet access
  • No password required
  • Contextually targeted offers
  • Share discounts and deals with Social Media
  • Access to special discounts and deals by local merchants that may not be advertised or offered anywhere else